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 48 mile charity run 2022

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Last year Tyler and Matt took part in the David Goggins 48 mile run to raise money for our organization and they were blown away by all the support. In 2022 Tyler and Matt decided to take on the challenge again and call a friend named Forrest to help out.


The run will start Friday March 4th at 11pm. The runners will run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours straight, while raising money to purchase shoes for kids in need.

YOU can help us put shoes on these kids and have a significant impact on their lives by pledging to donate as little as 10 cents for every mile we run for Just A Pair Of Shoes.

.10 per mile = $4.80 

.25 per mile = $12.00 

.50 per mile = $24.00 

.75 per mile = $36.00

1.00 per mile = $48.00 

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