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"It's not about the shoes,

It's what you do in them."

-Michael Jordan

Just a Pair of Shoes is an Ohio-based nonprofit organization focused on one mission: 

to put quality name brand shoes on the feet of young students, in an effort to boost confidence and create a sense of belonging.

To us, it's more than a pair of shoes.

We believe that giving a student a great pair of shoes does wonders for their self esteem, happiness, and sense of belonging.

By having a pair of shoes they are excited to wear, during an important stage of their development, students can go through their day with a sense of pride concerning both the shoes on their feet and the opportunities ahead of them.


"I promise to be a good student, to be a good friend, and to be a good son or daughter.

When I put on my shoes,

I can do anything"

A positive mindset manifested at a young age builds the foundation for success, extending into adulthood. By affirming their commitments to their community and to themselves, Just a Pair of Shoes believes and encourages young students to achieve anything they put their minds to while striving to overcome life’s obstacles.

With each donation, our organization passes along this message of support and encouragement, with the hope of inspiring everlasting change in a young person's life. 

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